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IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

IRIScan Desk 6 Pro

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  • Ideal for use in home, office or while traveling: truly portable design USB powered Digitize any documents, books or encyclopedia thanks to AI flatten curve technology! Then convert, edit and share content remotely!
  • Powerful camera lens of up to 21 MP along with built in mic to catch any details, create and record Youtube tutorial or unboxing video at up to 30 FPS (HD recording)
  • Automatic documents detection. Multiple small documents (receipts, parking tickets, business cards,) scan at once, just place them on the provided Scanpad. Gain time to submit your expense reports!
  • Self-timer shooter: Automatically scan after setting the shooting interval time. Ideal for scanning large volumes or binders without constraints.
  • Create .Epub or .PDF format before listening or reading them directly in your favorite electronic reader. Get text to speech capability via MP3 or WAV audio files output format
  • Text to Speech Technology (TTS) word by word read & listen to any document
  • 1-Click scan: save as a compressed PDF or export to a Word file in just a snap
  • High quality Video Recording function (HD) to record the progress of any operation or demo. Very convenient for recording web tutorials, unboxings, online demo, lesson explanations or live projections.
  • 1D or 2D barcode reading capacity allowing export of its value results into Excel or Text file formats along with its matching JPG image. Book curve image-flattening technology. Erase finger from image function
  • Advanced image processing, contrast image settings & features - Automatic De-skewing and multi-Cropping - Automatic edge filling of damaged document


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