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Datacolor ColorReader EZ - Scan Any Color to Match and Coordinate Paint and

Datacolor ColorReader EZ - Scan Any Color to Match and Coordinate Paint and

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  • : Use the ColorReader EZ device to scan the flat surface of a color you want to identify, then with the ColorReader app (works with both iPhone & Android) find its closest paint color, instantly. (Paint brands vary by country).
  • & : The ColorReader EZ narrows your paint color search, refining your color options for faster, easier selection.
  • : Scan a color to find its closest paint color, then tap on a color swatch to find coordinating colors and color scheme options.
  • : Scanned colors are accurately defined in CIELAB, Hex and RGB color values for easy integration into your digital design workflow and simple conversion to Pantone colors.
  • : For the best color matching results, use the ColorReader EZ on flat, smooth, single-colored surfaces. Avoid high sheen, textured or metallic surfaces. Make sure the device is placed flat on the surface. Pressing the scanning button on the ColorReader EZ while its on the surface to be measured will further block out any ambient light let in from uneven surfaces for improved accuracy.
  • : Actual colors may vary from those on your phones screen due to varying display appearances and brightness settings. Other factors that can affect color matching accuracy include not specifying which paint brands to match to, or scanning faded, soiled, or weathered paint chips or paint on walls. Be sure to repaint an entire wall if touch-up painting. Avoid spot touch-ups since paint color on walls changes over time.


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